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Team mobo

Aaron Shutra

Account Manager

Account Manager and our own print media guy, Aaron joined the Sales Team in 2019. Between print and promo sales he is always on the go, especially since welcoming his first child this year. Just ask him how much sleep he’s been getting!

Angela Fast

Director of Operations

Director of Operations and anything that moves! After 10 years at MOBO you’ve got to run to keep up to Angela…ready, set, go! Good luck trying because she is FAST!

Ashley Zlukosky

Digital Print Operator

Digital Print Operator and Magic Fairy! Ashley is like a hummingbird that just never stops moving. She is the Master of the Digital Print Studio and for the last 2 years has tackled anything else that needed to be done without hesitation.

Bob King

Master Advertising Specialist

CEO, aka YODA, Bob has been at the promo game for 32 years since starting MOBO in 1988. He loves helping clients grow their own businesses and is always more than willing to share his sage advice, product and vendor knowledge with customers, staff and colleagues in the industry.

Darren Gaspar

Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Darren joined our team as a recent Commerce graduate and will be responsible for all things "Data" here at MOBO. Darren is a natural with our clientele so he won't just be pushing a pencil.pens, rulers, calendars, you name it! LOL! Darren has spent five years working in the fitness industry while he obtained his degree and we are excited to have this smart bundle of energy join the team!

Marina Moreland

Account Manager

How could we possibly have found another sports enthusiast with as much charm as our Holly? Well, we sure lucked out with finding Marina! She will be assuming all responsibilities for MOBOSports and associated clientele once Holly heads out on mat leave later this year. Marina has a Master of Science in Marketing and a B.A. in Psychology. She is an avid fan of bikepacking, soccer and most team sports. She also coaches HIIT classes at Crew Roadhouse.

Holly Wilson

Certified Advertising Specialist

Account Manager and our MOBO jock, Holly brings sunshine and laugher with her anywhere she goes. Since joining our team over a year ago she has successfully launched MOBOSports and handles all the marketing for the new division while maintaining a full account roster.

Juanita King

Master Advertising Specialist

CFO is only a small fraction of what this powerhouse handles on a day to day basis: HR, IT, Production and Marketing are all areas Juanita developed passions for over the past 32 years while growing the business. An avid learner, Juanita is always on top of new trends and technology in our industry. She also creates and manages all of our online Corporate Stores for our customers.

Karen Skirten

Trained Advertising Specialist

Sales & Marketing Manager and Chief Logo Cop, Karen has been “icing” the MOBO cake for over 3 years. A sales veteran with too many years to mention in fashion, travel and staffing, Karen loves this industry as she gets to shop for her clients too!

Lynn Sproule

Trained Advertising Specialist

Office Manager and Chief Fun Officer! Lynn has been spreading her joy and passion for Accounting, Merchandising and Marketing at MOBO for 2 years. What can’t she do? NOTHING!

Sherry Buziak

Certified Advertising Specialist

Sherry, our Senior Account Manager, has been with MOBO for 10+ years. She started in production and then moved to the Order Desk and now into Sales. She is WICKED at graphic design and always goes the extra mile for her customers.