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Did you know most people keep promotional products, from branded pens to travel mugs, for at least 6 months? That’s a very effective use of marketing dollars when portable and wearable promotional items make your name and logo highly visible. Find all the promotional products and apparel you need in at MOBO.

After 30 years in business, our goal at MOBO remains the same: make the buying process as effortless as possible for our clients by giving sound advice and expertise. So, with that goal in mind, we thought a blog might be a valuable tool for our clients and prospective clients.

We are very aware that it is easy to become overwhelmed with all the incredible options of goods we carry. We always strive to point you to the best possible solution that will match your marketing objectives, timelines and budget while delivering the highest quality of goods we can source.

Custom T-Shirt Neckline Styles

Custom T-Shirt options are literally endless when you first start searching.  Things that might help differentiate the styles for you though beyond budget are fabric content, sizing, color availability, sleeve length, and necklines. Here at , the local expert of Custom T-Shirt apparel in Saskatoon, we help our clients narrow down their search to find

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Custom T-Shirts Top 2019 Trends

Each year we look to see what the market is identifying as Custom T-Shirts Top Trends and then we use that information to help you stay on point with your graphic designs this year.  We are happy to provide you with some examples of how you can incorporate these trends into your branded apparel: Repeat

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Saskatoon T-Shirts Go Antique

Saskatoon T-Shirts that are customized have new options of antiqued finishes to make logos look aged and rustic. Thanks to MOBO’s new DTG Printing Studio!  DTG stands for Direct-To-Garment. One of the coolest features with our new DTG printer is that we can take your logo and modify it digitally to look vintage, which is

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Quick Guide To Plaid Patterns

Sharing a quick guide to plaid patterns seemed timely given that our Special of the Week is the STORMTECH Logan plaid shirt. Plaid is defined as, “Any fabric woven of differently colored yarns in a crossbarred pattern.”  Here is a quick guide breakdown to plaid patterns for your reference: Tartan Most often when we think of

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How To Choose Which Golf Ball To Give

The end of January always seems early to be thinking about golf, but truth be told this is the best time to figure out how to choose which golf ball to give to your clients or tournament players this season. This week we are featuring Taylormade’s 2019 Corporate Logo Ball Booking Program as our Special

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Saskatoon Promotional Products Company Designs Logos

Did you know that as the leading Saskatoon Promotional Products Company, MOBO is happy to design your logo?  We also assist with any other art you require to make your brand stand out. Logo Design We have an onsite Graphics Studio here at MOBO with trained Graphic Artists who love to help our clientele design

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Custom Digital Printed T-Shirts Now Available in Saskatoon

We are about to turn the page on a new chapter in our history by offering custom digital printed T-Shirts in our Saskatoon DTG (Direct to Garment) Studio. For thirty years we have been a leading expert on printing custom T-Shirts. Not just for all our clientele in Saskatoon but throughout Western Canada. We are

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Local Saskatoon Embroidery Studio with Specialty Techniques

Today is Ukrainian Christmas and the entire team here at wishes everyone a joyous celebration! So many cultures have embraced embroidery as a primary way to decorate garments. One cannot help but think of the beautiful way Ukrainians decorate not only their clothes but their linens and crafts too. They are a shining example of local

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Health & Wellness Programs

Tonight is the last big day of partying before you make New Year’s resolutions. Just like you, your team members are making them too. How do you, as a business owner, encourage and support them in their quest for healthy living? Introducing a formal Health & Wellness program is one way. To launch that program

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Gift Wrapping Promotional Goods

Gift Wrapping Promotional Goods Well, if you are like most people, you are facing a frantic evening of wrapping your Christmas gifts tonight after the inevitable last trip to the mall to get just a few more things. Have you ever wrapped staff or client gifts? Not a fun task either and with you don’t

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