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Did you know most people keep promotional products, from branded pens to travel mugs, for at least 6 months? That’s a very effective use of marketing dollars when portable and wearable promotional items make your name and logo highly visible. Find all the promotional products and apparel you need in at MOBO.

After 30 years in business, our goal at MOBO remains the same: make the buying process as effortless as possible for our clients by giving sound advice and expertise. So, with that goal in mind, we thought a blog might be a valuable tool for our clients and prospective clients.

We are very aware that it is easy to become overwhelmed with all the incredible options of goods we carry. We always strive to point you to the best possible solution that will match your marketing objectives, timelines and budget while delivering the highest quality of goods we can source.

Embroidered or Laser Patch Blankets

Blankets are the perfect gift to give to show your appreciation. Who doesn’t need a cozy blanket for their couch? One of our favourite suppliers even offers the ultimate TV blanket that comes with a foot pocket and hand warmer! It seems that each year, the blankets our suppliers offer just keep getting softer and

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Embroidered Toques

One could almost say there are almost as many decorating styles for toques as there are styles of toques themselves, but by far, the most popular is to have logos embroidered on them. Given that toques are outdoor apparel and that they take a beating over the winter months, you want a decorating technique that

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Cotton and T-Shirts

Here is a brief breakdown of the various types of cotton we most commonly see in North America: Pima Cotton has extra-long fibers which make it soft and very strong. It is the best cotton grown. Upland Cotton is the most common cotton and comprises 95% of what is grown in the U.S. A variety

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Custom T-Shirts

There is nothing quite as comfortable as your favorite T-Shirt is there? They are still one of the most popular items for branded apparel. However, the standard T has morphed into so much variety now though, whether it is in the fiber content, length of sleeve or body, the choices are truly endless. Now companies

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Custom Embroidery

Having our own Embroidery Studio onsite offers many advantages to our customers, but foremost is our attention to detail. Can you see the difference the quality standard at MOBO make? The inside photo of the black hat was taken in an airport gift shop. The inside photo of the red hat was embroidered here on-site. We are

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Promotional Solutions – Chocolate

Whether you are buying for tradeshow or wedding or just as a year-end thank you for your best clients or staff, your gift will be appreciated. Chocolate Perhaps the best gift of all? Chocolate is a natural way to draw people in and engage them in a moment of bliss. Whether you are buying for

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Apparel – General

Branded apparel gives a level of exposure that is unparalleled which is why it is the most popular promotional item category. Choose material based on where and when it will be worn. Remember pricing is always based on blank items – the way in which you decorate it will determine the final price. What sizes should

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Breast Cancer Awareness

The time to start thinking in “pink” is now! As the events for this cause are typically held in the fall, we should be ordering right away to ensure availability of goods. Don’t forget the power of printed pamphlets and materials to help educate. MOBO can assist with all your printing needs too! Most common items are Ribbons and Bracelets,

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Back to School

Back to School in our business usually means working with schools or organizations who need to order supplies in large quantities, i.e. Backpacks, Pens, Pencils or Sport Shirts for school teams. If you are in charge of ordering these items for a school or organization now is the time to order. There are lots of

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Buttons, Name Badges and Lanyards

Buttons are great for large events where you want your message to stand out. They can be very bold and colorful and yet inexpensive so you can afford one for everyone. Some things to remember: The size of the imprint area for all of these items will dictate costs. If the Name Badges are for a conference keep in

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