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Why preparing for winter driving is important


The longest season of the year is here and we need to make sure that we get to our destination safely. Adjustments have to be made when it comes to winter driving as roads are slippery due to the snowy weather. In this week’s blog, we are going to cover how to prepare your vehicle, what items you should bring, and what you should do if you ever get stranded in the snow. Supported by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety (CCOHS), we will talk about why preparing for winter driving is important.

Preparing your vehicle during winter

Keeping your vehicle maintained and ready for the winter is key to avoiding disaster while driving in the cold. You need to make sure that your electrical system such as the battery, ignition, and all of your lights are not weak or damaged. Your tires and brakes should also be responsive to the slippery roads to avoid accidents. Investing in winter tires makes a huge difference as they provide excellent traction compared to all-season tires. Keep track of your tires’ air pressure. You can locate your recommended air pressure (PSI – pounds per square inch) on your tires. You can also check your vehicle’s manual as tire pressure may vary from vehicle to vehicle. Low tire pressure could lead to increased brake time, a decrease in tire lifespan and poor fuel economy. Warming up your vehicle BEFORE driving is also important to reduce moisture condensation on the inside of the windows and for visibility purposes.


Winter Tires


Items to bring in case of an emergency

Having a few essential items also contributes to the subject of why preparing for winter driving is important. For the most part, you should have an emergency road kit, a snow shovel, and an ice-scraper. Check the weather before heading out and prepare to wear the right layer of clothing. Taking a safety blanket or carrying an extra power bank can come a long way if you’re stranded and can’t get to your destination. Bags of sand or salt may also help with your tires’ traction if you ever get stuck on deep snow.


Winter Essentials


If you ever get stuck or stranded…

Do not panic! Stay inside your car if you can’t shovel the snow, especially in blizzard conditions. If you happen to drive off a ditch, be sure to call for assistance right away. To conserve fuel, run your car every 10 mins for warmth, but be sure to open the windows slightly. This could prevent carbon monoxide (an odorless, colourless, tasteless gas) build-up, which could lead to tissue damage or death. Be sure to monitor signs of hypothermia or frostbite and most importantly, stay warm.


I think we can all relate that winter driving can be a big adjustment for a lot of people. Why not help your clients and employees stay safe during the snowy weather? Here at MOBO, we can help you pick out the best winter safety essentials that fit your budget. – Team MOBO