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Why Consumers Keep Promotional Items

We are coming to a close on Advertising Specialty Institute‘s study called the 2020 Global Ads Impressions. In the past few weeks, we have been focusing on how various promotional products make an impact on businesses. This week’s blog is going to focus on WHY consumers keep promotional items. We are going to focus on three different characteristics of various promotional products. Be sure to check out our previous blogs that relate to this topic by clicking here!


When consumers keep promotional items based on quality, they tend to look at factors like materials, lifetime, or durability. Masks, writing instruments, outerwear, drinkware, umbrellas, and promo bags are the most popular promotional items when considering quality as the main attribute. Let’s take a quick look at each product, shall we?


In today’s situation with COVID, high-quality masks are necessary for our everyday lives. A high-quality mask should provide consumers with comfort, breathability, and proper protection or layers to avoid virus contact. As they are becoming a requirement, branded masks are definitely a must-need if you’re looking to grow your business. Still skeptical? Check out some interesting facts about masks in our previous blog by clicking here.

Writing Instruments

There’s an endless variety of writing instruments to choose from and you will see them everywhere! A good quality pen should be one that is smooth, dries quick, and is comfortable to write with. A lot of buyers tend to buy the least expensive option but spending a little bit more on a nice pen could go a long way to ensure your branded item is not only kept but cherished.. Lifetime and durability such as how long the ink will last or how much pressure the tip can hold, plays a big part in a high-quality writing instrument.


If you live in a place where the winter season is brutal, you definitely need to invest in a good winter jacket! Here in Saskatchewan, winter occurs for about 6 months. January and February tend to be the coldest months of the year, reaching up to almost -40 degrees Celsius. Be sure that you invest in outerwear that consists of materials that can keep you warm and lasts for a while. So, why not get branded jackets for the longest season? Your clients and employees will appreciate you for a nice jacket to help fight the coldest temperatures!


Water bottles come in many shapes and forms. Although there are a limitless options for drinkware, a high-quality water bottle may include considering capacity so the user doesn’t have to continually run to get refills. The materials also matter as you want your water bottle to last long. For example, you don’t want a water bottle that breaks easily or gets damaged if you accidentally drop it.


When it comes to umbrellas, you want to make sure that it’s as convenient as possible for your clients. The handles should be comfortable and easy to carry. You also want to make sure that it’s windproof to help your clients weather the storm. Durability also matters so your clients can rely on your branded umbrella during strong rains.

Promo Bags

Promo bags are growing in popularity given our increased green lifestyles. It’s also an efficient way to get brand recognition as they are inexpensive. Weight limit and materials are the main components to consider for a good promo bag. Polypropylene, polyester, and cotton canvas are the most durable materials and guaranteed to last long when it comes to reusable bags.




Everyone has a different tastes and ideads of what a great promo item loos like. Some people prefer bright, fun colours that go everywhere so the product stands out and is noticeable, but going with simple and neutral colours like Black and White looks clean and helps your logo be the story. Wearables like T-shirts, Polos, and Headwear are also primarily chosen for attractiveness.

T-shirts are very flexible as they can be used on any occasion. Whether you’re representing your company in a particular event or using it for giveaways, a shirt can easily be used to expose your brand and engage potential clients based on the shirt design. Polo shirts are a good idea as uniforms to help portray professionalism to consumers. Polo shirts can also be used to represent your company’s colours to compliment your branding and recognition for sporting events. Lastly, headwear such as toques or hats can also play a big role in creating impressions. If you live in a cold country like Canada, a branded toque comes a long way into showing your clients that you care for their safety when tackling the long & cold season.












Utility promo products can help your company stand out and remind clients of your brand. These items consist of calendars, USB sticks, power banks, or desk accessories. Calendars come in many forms as well. From a simple mini desk calendar to a wall calendar, you can help your clients remember important events with your branded calendar. USB sticks are useful as your clients can store their most important files. A USB with a good amount of memory can give you a lot of exposure as your clients may use it frequently. Another useful tech item in our utility list is a branded power bank. Power banks can be used for emergencies if your electronic device runs out of battery. A power bank that has 10,000 – 20,000 mAh (milliamp hours) is more than enough to power up a phone to full charge.

Desk accessories come in a variety of types. You can be creative with your branded accessories which you can give out for consumers or your employees to use. Notebooks, portable lamps, and mouse pads are just a few examples of desk accessories. Ergonomics can also factor in to your decision when choosing accessories. You many want to provide your employees or clients with a branded footrest or a laptop stand to relieve neck and back stress.









Here at MOBO, we recommend products to our clients that maximize their usage and lifetime. Call us and we’ll help you source the right product that can help your build your brand.

– Team MOBO