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What is Digitizing?

One question we often get asked is, “What is Digitizing?”  Then, it is inevitably followed by, “Why is it necessary?”



gerund or present participle: digitizing
  1. convert (pictures or sound) into a digital form that can be processed by a computer.
    “the new police national computer will be capable of storing digitized photographs”

In our industry, digitizing is necessary for when embroidery is chosen as the decorating method.  A program, or map if you will, needs to be created of your logo for the embroidery machines to read. It literally breaks down your logo into stitches for the machines telling them where to place the needle and the pattern to follow.

The great news is that once it is done, it never needs to be re-done if the art of the logo and the size does not change.  If you choose to do Puff embroidery, another digitized file needs to be created because the stitch pattern is different.

We constantly see new trends in the way our customers want their goods embroidered.  Especially when it comes to hat decoration.  Puff or sewing portions of the logo in Puff are really popular right now since we introduced it earlier this year as a provided service.  Placing logos on the lower left or lower right panel on the hat front is a growing style preference too.

The color of thread schosen is also changing.  The finished look that is most desired now is one that is very subtle; using complimentary tonal colors or even doing the decoration in the exact same color as the hat or garment.  Here is an example from one of our preferred brands, Pukka.

Tone on Tone Embroidery

If the embroidery process and file preparation all seems confusing, relax.  We are here to guide you to the best decorating method possible to help you achieve your marketing objectives while working within your budget.

We have some great examples of embroidery in our showroom.  Please stop in!

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