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What Are Hard Goods & Soft Goods in Retail?

Here at MOBO, we carry and decorate hard and soft goods (also known as hardline and softline goods). What do these retail terms mean? Here are some examples.

Hard Goods: In essence, hard goods are any products you use or display (e.g. drinkware, paper supplies, writing instruments, stationery, tech items, journals, automotive supplies, sports and leisure items, recreational goods, etc.). We offer and brand all of these products and more at MOBO. We have even branded refrigerators! Explore more of our hard goods on our promotional products page.

Soft Goods: Essentially, soft goods are anything you wear (e.g. hats, shirts, jackets, industrial workwear, shoes, gloves, socks, etc.). You can find all of the apparel or soft goods we offer on our branded apparel page.

Just about any item you can think of, hard or soft, can be branded with your logo. Contact our team at MOBO to learn more!

Minimum Order Quantities: The Myths & Facts

There is a misconception about the requirement for large minimum order amounts when working with a distributor of promotional products and branded apparel.

While this may be true with some of the hard good items MOBO offers, this is not always the case with the soft goods we carry. Many of our apparel suppliers – especially our preferred ones – have no minimum order requirements, so you could order a single shirt, for example.

The reason some of our suppliers do stipulate a minimum order amount, is so that they can offer the best possible pricing to us, which we can then pass on to our clients.

If you are worried that your order size is too small, please call us and we can chat! We will work with you to find a solution using all of our supplier resources.