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Some Tips to Keep in Mind When Ordering Water Bottles

Congratulations! Giving water bottles is truly helping the environment as we want to cut down on plastic water bottles that are not reusable. This is a green choice you can feel good about aligning your brand with.

Like most promotional goods, the first step in choosing a water bottle is to think about your end user and how/where they will use the bottle?

Will they have both hands free or can the bottle be used with just one hand? This is an important consideration, especially for fitness and sport usage.

Remember to choose a BPA-free bottle if there is a chance for it being exposed to extreme heat or cold.

Additionally, you should consider the special features some bottles offer and if they would be useful or appealing to your audience, such as infusers, insulation, filtration or dishwasher safe. Our suppliers carry them all.

Water bottles have a variety of decorating options available depending on the material they are made of; however the manufacturer will always recommend the best method to us which we will advise you of.

You can view different options in our Drinkware section on our Promotional Products page.

If you are still feeling overwhelmed, our showroom has so many samples for you to see as well. Stop in. We are here to help you find the perfect water bottle.