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Upcoming Spring Fashion Trends for 2021

Spring must be around the corner as the weather starts to change and become warmer. Going from -40 to 0 is a big difference in temperature change. This means that our wardrobe also needs to change in order to be more comfortable. If you’re looking into ideas of what to wear for Spring 2021, then you’ve come to the right place! We are happy to share the upcoming spring fashion trends for 2021 that will transition you out of winter clothing.

Face Masks

As Covid-19 continues to dictate social protocols, face masks have been the most essential garment we wear. All industries have found creative ways to decorate their face masks. Embellished and tie-dyes are on the rise for Spring 2021. Chic disposable masks are also becoming more popular as they are eco-friendly and sustainable. Mask chains are also becoming a trend as they keep your mask attached and they can compliment what you’re wearing.

Embellished + Printed Mask
Chic Disposable
Mask chain







As we transition into the warmer weather, you might want to pack away your winter coats. Rib-knit sweaters and cardigans are projected to be the most popular pieces in the upcoming spring fashion trends for 2021. Of course, cardigans come in different types and patterns so it may be hard to choose which style fits you the best. Neutral colours like black or white look good on any occasion. Accessorizing is a must when putting your outfit all together. You may want to compliment your fit by wearing a pair of sunglasses, carrying a handbag or putting on some jewelry to finish it all off. Here’s some inspiration from Marie Claire to get you started on your spring outfit ideas.  Here are some popular choices from Stormtech:








We can’t forget about luxe hoodies & sweatshirts. Hoodies & sweatshirts are very versatile as they can be worn on any occasion. As many people are still working from home, a customized hoodie or a sweatshirt is a very good gift for your employees and clients so they can be comfortable and fashionable! A recommended decoration for logo placement is either the left chest area for professionalism or if you’re looking for a bit of impact, you might prefer to have your logo on the full front chest.



A classic go-to for headwear in the springtime is a baseball cap. Baseball caps are also versatile and popular as they can be stylish when paired up with the right garments. Another classic option for headwear is a beanie or toque. Neutral colours like Black, Navy or Grey can complement your outfit. A thin beanie can protect your ears on windy, cool days, but you also won’t be sweating too much when the temperature rises. On top of that, both headwear pieces are also a simple fix if you don’t feel like styling your hair.







If you’re looking for some spring pieces, MOBO is here to help you get gear that fits your budget. We also offer samples so you can try them on before buying them. Check out our showroom for selections or call us!

-Team MOBO