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Top Three Things to Consider When Buying Bluetooth Speakers

The options we see from our suppliers are always changing and seen endless. We now have speakers available that light up, are built into water bottles, and even built into toques! As there are so many options we thought we would share these three things to take into consideration when choosing a speaker:

Image Bluetooth Speaker

  • Lightweight and compact: Think about how and where you, and those you are giving these to, are going to use the speakers.
  • Sound quality: This is hard to tell without testing, so check the output power (watts) on the speaker. An output power between 15 to 20 watts would be adequate to get about 80 decibels, which is a volume high enough for most outdoor environments.
  • Battery backup and charging speed

Some Other Things to Consider:

  • What are the decorating options?
  • Do you like the overall design?
  • Are the controls simple to use?

We highly recommend stopping by our showroom to test the various speaker options we have.

– Team mobo