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Tips to Keep in Mind When Ordering Drinkware

The Drinkware category of promotional products is one of the largest and most popular because people need and use them each and every day. There is a wide variety of options so considering your budget is key but also do keep in mind the shipping costs.

Shipping an order of stoneware mugs can be expensive as it is based on weight.

  • Water bottles vary by material, metal or plastic and type of top closure (sport tops, lids with straws or screw tops).
  • Glasses are available for everything from water, wine, beer, champagne or shots
  • Most common mugs are ceramic but travel mugs are incredibly popular as your recipient will take it with them and create more impressions for you during their day. You may also want to consider insulated ones which are great for hot or cold beverages.
  • Cups are disposable so will only give you impressions the day of use. These are great for impact marketing at large events and they tend to be quite affordable.
  • Think outside the box and consider the accessory items too: corkscrews, coasters, decanters, flasks, chillers or stoppers.
  • Decorating options are varied but will largely depend on supplier’s recommendations. Here is a general guide: