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Things You Can Do To Save Earth in 2021

Making little changes in your habits may benefit both you and the environment! By doing things like conserving water or turning off unnecessary electronics that you aren’t using, you’re saving the environment. Not only that, but you may be able to save a couple of dollars from doing so! If you’re ready to make a difference and kick off the new year the right way, then here are some things you can do to save Earth in 2021.


Buy Responsibly

Investing in quality products plays a big role in things you can do to save Earth in 2021. By buying high-quality products, you are also reducing waste. This means that less trash is going to landfills which prevents pollution and promotes a sustainable environment. Examples of buying responsibly include investing in recycled/recyclable products or purchasing high-quality material for uniforms.

Buy responsibly

Use your vehicle less

Not using your vehicle has numerous benefits not just for the environment, but also for you!  Walking or biking to places also promotes good health as you are getting exercise and burning calories. By using your vehicle less, you are helping save Earth by improving its air quality by lessening harmful emissions, which contribute to air pollution. So why not start off the new year with a healthy goal for yourself while saving the planet?exercise

Reduce the use of plastic

Using plastic products has been the norm for many years. Plastic waste is one of the top contributors to our Earth’s pollution. How can we avoid this? Well, for starters, we can invest in reusable products such as water bottles, utensils and office supplies. If you didn’t already know, single-use plastics are also being banned in Canada later this year. Be sure to check out our previous blog for other alternatives for single-use plastics!



Unplug electronic devices

One way to minimize your energy consumption is to shut off and unplug electronic devices that are not in use. You may even save up to $300 from your electricity bill per year by doing so! The majority of electronic devices that are being used come from fossil fuels. Turning them off  while not in use will reduce energy demand and carbon emissions.

unplug electronics

Washing your clothes in cold water

The same concept goes with using cold water to wash your clothes. Running cold washes can save you up to $200 per year on average. Another benefit is that extends your clothes’ life. Washing your clothes in warm or hot water can release more microfibers which leads to sea pollution.Washing machine


Recycle old electronics

Stop hoarding your old electronics and start recycling them! You can even earn some money for exchanging them at some special centres which have buyback programs. Electronics also contain hazardous materials that can be bad for the environment like batteries or metals. Recycling old electronics also guarantees the security of your data. A way to ensure your information doesn’t get compromised by cyber-criminals is to wipe out or destroy your electronic device.

recycle electronics

Donate clothes

Make room in your closet and donate clothes that have been unused for a while. Donating your clothes doesn’t only help the environment, but also helps those that are in need. By donating vs throwing them away you reduce landfills and emissions of greenhouse gases. The production of new clothing requires a lot of water and energy.

Donate clothes



Do you need help with picking out high-quality or eco-friendly products that fit your budget? Call us or book a private consultation and we’ll be happy to find the right product for you!


-Team MOBO