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The Science of Moisture-Wicking Shirts


When it comes to shopping for shirts, there are no right or wrong choices. It’s all about preference. Although, It can be hard as there are so many options. Shirts come in different materials, but have you ever encountered shirts that were advertised as moisture-wicking? Moisture-wicking clothing helps you keep dry and evaporates sweat. They keep you cool while you’re doing physical activities or when the temperature rises. How do they work exactly? We are happy to share the science of moisture-wicking shirts with you.


What is moisture-wicking?

To simply put it, moisture-wicking materials are modern technical fabrics that draw moisture away from your skin. If you’re looking for a moisture-wicking shirt, you would want to look at garments that consist of polyester or wool. For the most part, you can find what the shirt is made of through the tags in the neckline or inside of the shirt. Natural fabrics such as cotton absorb moisture while moisture-wicking shirts are unique as they have the ability to pull moisture and sweat away from your body and keep you cool or warm depending on the weather.

How do moisture-wicking shirts work?

The science of moisture-wicking shirts involves a term called capillary action. The basic principle of capillary action is that fluid will flow automatically through tiny tubes (called capillaries) in spite of all other forces, such as gravity. When you start to sweat, the fabric absorbs the moisture which makes it easier for your sweat to evaporate as they go through the capillaries.

Not only that, but moisture-wicking shirts are also great for insulation. Moisture is warmth’s enemy. If your skin is wet due to sweating, it’s harder to stay warm which is why a base layer is recommended during the winter season. In simple terms, during colder weather, a base layer made of polyester or wool can help with pulling moisture away from your skin and uses it to somewhat repel the cold.

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Why should you use moisture-wicking shirts?

Moisture-wicking shirts are used to keep you cool in the hot temperatures and warm in the colder days. Moisture-wicking shirts offer numerous benefits. It helps pull perspiration away from your skin when you’re doing physical activities and keeps you comfortable. With the unique characteristics of keeping sweat away from our bodies, moisture-wicking shirts also minimize bacteria from building up. They are naturally antimicrobial so they keep your clothes from smelling bad and helps with managing body odour. Lastly, moisture-wicking shirts also help with regulating your body temperature. With polyester’s evaporative properties, moisture-wicking shirts help “normalize” your body temperature and keep you dry and comfortable.



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