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The Benefits of Using Advertising Flags

While social and digital media may now take centre-stage in advertising campaigns there is still one technique that is a popular choice for any brick and mortar business. These beneficial promotional products are advertising flags.

What are Advertising Flags?

Advertising flags are used as a visible promotional tool for events, businesses and services. They are usually placed outdoors to advertise business messages or events. Advertising flags offer a great way to enhance brand awareness in crowded areas. With advertising flags, the opportunities are endless. These flags can feature your unique brand logo, messaging and imagery.  Within a mass of people, advertising flags can be seen from far and wide.

With so many awesome features, discover how custom advertising flags can benefit you below.

Benefits of Advertising Flags

Advertising flags are completely customizable making them useful for any business. With so many brands out there, it’s important to make sure your messaging, imagery and slogan are unique to your business. Here at MOBO Promotional Solutions, we offer a range of sizes and shapes of advertising flags including Feather, Straight, Teardrop and Edge shaped flags.

The flags at MOBO Promotional Solutions are used outdoors or indoors with an additional base purchase. With an easy to assemble system, these flags feature a full fiber pole and wind-resistant flag offered in several shapes. For indoor or outdoor use, the flexible design allows the graphic to rotate in the wind, drawing immediate attention with passers-by. These units come complete with a flag, ground stake and a storage bag.

Smaller flags, such as our Teardrop Flags or Feather Flags are ideal for events with many pedestrians. These flags are able to place them meters from your store while people walk by without causing too much disturbance on the pathway.

Larger flags, such as our Edge Flags, are perfect for roadside advertising. These larger sizes are best to create attention from afar. If an individual is driving on a busy road or street, they will be able to see your flag with its brand advertisements and decide to stop to discover your products or services.

Other types of outdoor advertising such as banners, large signs and billboards, can be difficult to setup. However, with these flags, the assembly could not be any easier. With an easy-to-construct advertising flag, businesses are able to use the saved time to get more business in by maximizing sales.

Advertising costs can be fairly expensive especially if you’re looking at digital advertising on television, social channels and paid advertising. It’s essential to maximize ROI where possible and a flag’s low cost point in comparison to the high impression counts received make it a winning choice. The use of these flags is one of the best ways to get people’s eyes on your brand. If you’ve got your flag in an optimum location, many people driving past will see your brand and will remember you.

This traditional marketing technique has been around for many years, and will not be going away anytime soon. Now is the time to invest in these timeless promotional products. You can get yours today by calling us at MOBO Promotional Solutions.