The #1 Promotional Item To Give For Maximum Exposure

As reported in our January Newsletter, Bags are the #1 promotional item to choose for maximum exposure. As per the ASI 2016 Edition of Advertising Specialties Impressions Study, bags will give you 4,724 impressions of your company logo!

There are so many bags to consider, how do you choose which to order? The following information from our MOBO Promotional Solutions Buying Guide for Consumers – Simplifying Promotional Products may help you decide.



  • Knowing how and when your audience will use the bag will help dictate the style you choose.
  • Backpacks are used by everyone now and especially useful for travelers as they are hands-free.
  • Totes come with so many options; plastic bottoms, expandable sides, recycled.
  • There are so many choices depending on the use; Bags for Tees, Golf Balls, Accessories, Shoes and Clubs of course. In this game, it is all about quality so choose a bag that offers you the best quality for the budget you have to spend.
  • Laptop/Tablet Bags – again the choice of materials nowadays is endless and can literally fit any budget.
  • Coolers & Lunch Bags – always useful and gives a strong eco message to re-use and recycle as much as possible. Cooler totes are greatly appreciated for getting your frozen groceries home.
  • Duffel Bags are easy to clean, offer zippered compartments and come in a variety of sizes that again, can fit almost any budget. Be sure to visit our showroom as we have many samples you can view.


  • Nylon is resistant to water, insect, mold, fungi, mildew and many chemicals.
  • Canvas was made for wear and tear! For an item that will last well beyond your promotion choose this durable material.
  • Cotton is natural and gives a great eco message however it is not as sturdy and needs special care.
  • The term non-woven refers to polypropylene that has been made to look like fabric. The Grams/Square Meter (GSM) measurement reflects durability…the higher the number, the stronger the bag is. These can be a great choice as many are eco-friendly too.
  • Leather is the ultimate fabric for a professional look that is durable.

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