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Summer Activities During the Covid-19 Pandemic


Summertime and warmer weather are upon us! We can all agree that activities are limited due to the pandemic but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we can’t fully enjoy our summer! Following the proper protocol and health guidelines still allows us to participate in safer activities. According to an article by CBC News and Dr. Huang, outdoor activities are safer than indoor activities. To put it simply, viruses can spread further in poorly ventilated and enclosed environments. But how do you exactly define “safe”? What kind of summer activities during the Covid-19 pandemic are available to us?


Low Risk

If you’re looking for a classic outdoor summer activity, camping is still one of the best options. The airflow is good which is why camping and enjoying a campfire while maintaining social distance are considered low-risk.  Perhaps you are looking forward to going to the beach? Then we’ve got some good news. Lying on the beach or swimming are also considered low-risk. Just remember, social distancing is key. Other water-related activities that are also low-risk include canoeing, boating or fishing as long as there is space between the people around you. Some outdoor exercises and sports such as golf, tennis, hiking and biking are also safe if you’re looking to stay active.


Moderate/Medium Risk

Renting a cabin is a moderate risk if you’re planning to go out of town. One of the main considerations before booking a cabin is to ensure that the space is sufficient. A well-ventilated cabin is also important so germs and viruses don’t recirculate in the air. Backyard barbeques are also considered to be moderate-risk. They have led to outbreaks in multiple provinces as people are interacting too closely though. There are also a few sports that are considered moderate risk. Contact sports like basketball or soccer present a medium risk because players are in each other’s spaces and are close together than some of the low-risk sports mentioned already.


High Risk

There are a lot of activities that may cause high exposure to the virus if we are not careful. Any indoor gatherings and celebrations are one of the most leading causes of outbreaks due to limited spacing. Not only that but if a person is asymptomatic or undiagnosed, the virus can spread easily despite social distancing. Going to playgrounds can also be very risky because many surfaces are frequently touched which makes it easier for the virus to spread. Keeping your distance from others, washing your hands and making sure that children avoid touching their faces are the main steps in avoiding the spread of the virus if you are considering going to parks. As always, we should also avoid crowded places such as the mall or bars.


It is still important to follow safety protocols regardless of the activities you choose to take part in this summer.  This means wearing a mask in public, carrying hand sanitizer, washing your hands frequently and maintaining a safe distance.  Enjoy the summer ahead and stay safe!

-Team MOBO