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Shop Canada

Shop Canada
                       Happy Canada Day!

Today, more so than any other day, seems appropriate to talk about how important it is to “Shop Canada!”

In this current state of global trade wars, supporting and shopping with domestic suppliers needs to be our top priority.

At mobo we try to always first turn to our preferred Canadian vendors when sourcing goods for our clients. While the reality of our business tends to mean apparel and goods are made overseas, we can at least support domestic companies who are importing them.

Focusing our buying power with these preferred vendors means many things for you, our clientele:

  • Reduced shipping costs
  • Faster delivery
  • Products that have passed Canadian inspection for quality standards
  • Easy returns if needed
  • Ability to efficiently and cost effectively provide you with fit samples
  • Comfort knowing that you are supporting Canadian companies and their employees, which in turns spurs our national economy

In this day and age of online shopping where borders seem to disappear, it is really important to stop and ask yourself if saving a dollar or two on an order of pens is worth supporting a foreign provider of promotional goods vs. someone here locally who in turn provides jobs to locals who then in turn support you.

Here at mobo we strongly believe in the power of networking.  We choose to belong to groups like Executive Women International (EWI), BNI and the Prairie Chamber of Commerce.  All of whom have a mandate to support one another’s businesses.

We are so blessed to live and work and do business in this great country called Canada which just so happens to mean “village”.  It does take a village to accomplish anything great so by supporting one another and giving back to the community that supports us, we all become stronger if we “Shop Canada.”

Happy 152nd Canada!

  • Team mobo