Saskatoon Promotional Products Company Designs Logos

Did you know that as the leading Saskatoon Promotional Products Company, MOBO is happy to design your logo?  We also assist with any other art you require to make your brand stand out.

Logo Design

We have an onsite Graphics Studio here at MOBO with trained Graphic Artists who love to help our clientele design their first logo, refresh a current one or create art that tells your story in unique ways.

Designing Logos
How do you design a logo?


So, what are some key things to keep in mind when designing a logo?  Check out a great article with the Five Cardinal Rules of Logo Design by John Williams at Entrepreneur.

Graphic Arts

The success of any piece of branded apparel or promotional item starts with the quality of the art we are given. When submitting art to us, we ask our clients to send us vector art.  Vector art can be either a .eps, a .pdf or a .cdr file type.  Why we prefer vector art is that these files types allow us to resize and make minute changes to the details.

One way to tell if your PDF file contains vector or bitmap content is to magnify the drawing to more than 800%. If you see smooth curves and straight lines, it’s a vector file and the conversion results will be successful.

Saskatoon promotional products company MOBO designs logos and art.
An art idea brought to life.


However, if you only have a .jpg of the image or even just a drawing of what you are envisioning, then we can assist you with digitizing the art into a vector format.

There may also be a need to digitize your logo into an embroidery program. Our fees for our art services are very reasonable.

Again, as the leading Saskatoon promotional products company we have 30 years of experience. We help our clients make their mark! Please give us a call to discuss your project.

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