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Re-branding? The Advantages of Promotional Items

You want the world to remember your new name and immediately identify it with the quality you stand for. 85% of consumers recall the advertiser that gave them a shirt or hat. When asked what types of advertising they like best, consumers under 55 prefer promotional products. They also prefer them 2.5x more than internet advertising.

The Top 5

Which items to choose to help solidify your new name? Many would suggest to go with the most popular, which is a sound decision because you want the recipient to find your item useful.

However, what if you were to combine that with the items that give you the highest number of impressions? Pretty critical as you launch your new image, right?

Q: Most Popular?
A: Writing Instruments (48%), T-Shirts (36%), Bags (25%), Calendars (25%), Hats (21%)

Q: Highest # of Impressions?
A: Bags (4,724), Hats (3,634), Writing Instruments (2,943), Outerwear (2,805) and T-Shirts (2,235)

Know Your Audience
Now, what happens to these stats when you segment by demographics? As a proud member of the Advertising Specialty Institute of Canada, we have that data and can help make your rebranding initiatives a success, each and every time! Think Global, Act Local.