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Promotional Office and Tech Accessories

Impact of Promotional Office and Tech Accessories

The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) has released an interesting paper called The 2020 Global Ads Impression Study. The study talks about two kinds of the most popular promotional products. For this week’s blog, we are going to look at the impact of promotional office and tech accessories. These include USBs, power banks, writing instruments, and desk accessories.

USB versus Power Banks

One of the most underrated promotional items is a USB stick. They are very handy to keep your important files safe. Compared to other promotional products, USBs can be used for different purposes. Depending on your industry, your target market can benefit from a promotional USB. Due to its portability, you can give out USBs during events like orientation week for universities. You can also give them out as a simple appreciation gift for clients and employees.

The potential of a USB stick is massive. In 2019, 56% of consumers would choose a USB drive over a power bank. More than half of consumers also prefer USBs compared to power banks. Only 58% of consumers own a promotional USB. This leaves a big percentage of consumers who do not own a promotional USB. On average, promotional USBs are kept for more than 13 months. A USB stick also generates about 700 impressions over their lifetime.


Meanwhile, power banks are still considered a popular choice among promotional items. If your clients are ever in a place where power isn’t available, power banks are very useful. Power banks are used to charge your electronic devices such as cellphones or headphones. On average, power banks are kept for 12 months. Only 33% of consumers own promotional power banks and they generate 900 impressions over their lifetime. Although consumers prefer a USB over a power bank, your clients will still appreciate having your branded power bank. In case of an emergency, your clients will never worry about running out of battery life.

Writing instruments

Out of all promotional products, writing instruments are still the most popular item. 89% of consumers own promotional writing instruments. You need to invest in promotional pens if you do not have some already. Pens are one of the smartest and most inexpensive ways to advertise your brand. A logoed pen that costs $1 will have a CPI (Cost per impression) of 1/10 of a cent. A pen also generates over 3,000 impressions over its lifetime and kept for about 9 months. Writing instruments are essential to everyone’s daily lives. If you think about it, promotional pens are a walking advertisement.


Desk accessories

Branded desk accessories come in a wide variety of options. Mousepads, desk organizers, notebooks, or phone chargers are just a few ideas. 64% of consumers own promotional desk accessories. They generate 1,450 impressions throughout their lifetime and are kept for 13 months on average. Desk accessories can be utilized as an attractive item that can be given out to your clients such as a mouse pad or a writing utensil case. Items like a wireless charging pad or a planner can also be a useful gift to help your clients with their daily activities.


Not sure which promotional product fits your objectives best? Come visit our showroom or give us a call and we’ll provide you with some recommendations that best suit your business.

– Team MOBO