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How to Make Your Company Party Sparkle

How to Make Your Company Party Sparkle

Tis the season for office merriment!  According to an OfficeTeam study, 52% of hires deem a company party their top work-related seasonal celebration. 78% of employees view holiday parties as a plus to building the corporate culture according to Seamless Web.

So, how do you make your party live up to those expectations? There are several ways to make them extra special and we can assist you with finding the perfect solution to fit your budget.

Employee Gifts – The Advertising Specialty Institute found that nearly half of the 77.3% of American companies that held a holiday party gave their employees a branded gift. The possibilities are endless and can fit any budget. From Santa hats, noise makers, custom cookies to winter jackets, there is something to fit any corporate budget.

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Personalization – While the gift alone may put a smile on their face, take the time and add a personal touch through a handwritten note or card. This can compel the worker to not only be more diligent, but also more invested in nurturing your corporate brand. The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania determined that displays of gratitude from a manager could increase productivity by 50%!

Party Giveaways – You may also want to consider just choosing a few key branded items to use as prizes for the party such as toques, long-sleeve Tees or texting gloves to commend your workers on their knowledge of trivia, creativity or teamwork.

There is still time to work with us to plan the perfect office party!  Give us a call at 306.249.4318.

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