Local Saskatoon Embroidery Studio with Specialty Techniques

Today is Ukrainian Christmas and the entire team here at mobo wishes everyone a joyous celebration! So many cultures have embraced embroidery as a primary way to decorate garments. One cannot help but think of the beautiful way Ukrainians decorate not only their clothes but their linens and crafts too. They are a shining example of local Saskatoon embroidery. They even embroider eggs at Easter time. An amazing art form.

Sample of Ukrainian Embroidery
Ukrainian Christmas Embroidery Sample


Did you know there is a Ukrainian Museum here in Saskatoon? It showcases some incredible artifacts and examples of local embroidery from the early settlers of the Ukrainian community. The Ukranian Museum of Canada located on Spadina Crescent.

Team  mobo takes great pride in our local Saskatoon Embroidery Studio. We create custom applications for your logo, such as our new Puff Embroidery! Specific elements within your logo can be done in this manner giving it a 3D. The mobo in our logo in this sew-off sample below was done with the puff technique.

Puff Embroidery Sample
MOBO logo in puff embroidery


The machines at mobo are usually working on large orders but walk-ins are always welcome.. For example, we regularly embroider the bathrobes for a local hotel. We have also embroidered banners and horse blankets. Why not give a unique and personal wedding gift with embroidered bath towels or pillow cases? Tackling any project is possible because we have a wide variety of embroidery hoop sizes.  Team mobo pays attention to the details.  Clients appreciate our finishing and packaging too.

We carry a vast array of thread colors and specialty yarns such as fire retardant thread. Almost any Pantone in your logo can be matched. If needed, we also design logos.

Why not call the local embroidery experts at 306.249.4318 or drop by our showroom. We bring your embroidery project to life.

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