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How You Can Avoid The Most Unfortunate Print Placement Ever

When it comes to choosing the right clothing, the colour is often the first thing that we look at before buying. For that reason, it should compliment your logo in order for it to stand out and be noticeable. An underrated factor that can make a huge difference for your brand is print placement. Knowing where your logo should be placed is crucial to make your chosen clothing be appealing to look at and be presentable. Now, before you ask, yes – there is a right or wrong answer to where you should be placing your logo, but the worst of them all is the belly print. Want to know how you can avoid the most unfortunate print placement ever? Read more to find out why placement is crucial for your brand, supported by RushOrderTees!


The Belly Print

If you’re looking for your next print placement for your clothing, the belly print is NOT the way to go. It is very unflattering and awkward to look at and it looks like someone is eating your logo when someone is wearing it. When printing your chosen garment, you would want to make sure that the print is on the chest area. Ideally, anything below the chest area would be visually unusual to look at.


Anchor Point

The anchor point is the center point or standard placement where the print should be. It lies above the chest area and depending on how your logo is designed, the anchor point changes as your printed logo extends. If your logo appears to be horizontal, it could extend from the anchor point, until it reaches the outside boundaries of the print. Meanwhile, if your logo extends to the top of the area, then the top boundary becomes your anchor point. The same process goes for designs that have a vertical look. The top boundary becomes your anchor point as your logo extends downwards until it reaches the maximum height.

Top Boundary Design
Horizontal Design
Vertical Design








Avoiding the ‘belly print’

A rule of thumb when it comes to a belly print is that if the main or secondary subject (logo) is at the bottom of the print, then it’s most likely a belly print. One of the ways that you can avoid the most unfortunate placement ever is by making your design smaller. A classic chest centre is the most popular placement and it looks neat as your logo is focused on the upper side of the garment. Think of Superman’s “S” as an example.


How to tell if your design is a belly print
How to tell if your design is a belly print


Another way that you can avoid the belly print is by rearranging your logo. Modifying your logo encourages creative designs on your garments. For example, If you have a fully horizontal logo, see if you can take some pieces and put them elsewhere so the focus of the logo is improved. Here’s an example.








Now that we’re ve given you a guide on how you can avoid the most unfortunate print placement ever, send your ideas to us! Here at MOBO, we do all kinds of printing from Screen Printing, DTG (Direct to Garment) Digital Printing and Embroidery.

-Team MOBO