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How Yoga Pants Are Destroying The Planet

Yoga pants are one of the most popular workout gear among women. Top brands for women’s leggings can come with a price tag that can reach up to $100/pair. At that price one would hope most of these yoga pants are environmentally friendly. The reality is that most of them are made out of 100% petroleum-based polyester, which is plastic. When purchasing yoga pants, quality and comfort along with fit are usually what we look for. Do we even consider what kind of materials they’re made of? In this week’s blog, we are going to discuss how yoga pants are harming the planet supported by Return to Now.



Pollution & Health Consequences

Whenever you wash garments such as gym wearables, yoga pants and other clothing made from synthetic materials, it sheds microfibers. Studies have shown that more than 80% are microfibers out of all the micro-plastics that have been found in bodies of water. Fish and other sea life like oysters are greatly affected as micro-plastics end up in their stomachs and eventually make their way into our diet. By wearing synthetic clothing, plastic fibers are constantly released into the environment. Health issues also contribute to how yoga pants are destroying the planet. Did you know that we eat AND breathe plastic in our everyday lives? On average, we are breathing in about 13,000 to 68,000 plastic microfibers each year. This comes from our clothing, carpets and other textiles. Inhaled plastic fibers can lead to serious health issues such as reproductive damage, cancer and respiratory damage such as lung cancer.

Make a difference

There are many ways that companies and other organizations can make a difference in controlling plastic waste. Government advisors have been recommending washing machine companies to create a filter to trap microfibers. Wastewater treatment plants can also contribute to assisting control through upgraded filtration. A few clothing companies such as Patagonia & Prana are helping with educating consumers about plastic waste in clothing and creating organic yoga clothing instead. While we are not likely to abandon the comfort of polyester anytime soon, there are ways we can prevent the spread of microfibers. Here are some things that we all do to help our environment;

  • Invest in something that lasts – change your habits from quantity to quality purchasing
  • Wash your clothes in cold water and line dry instead of using the dryer. This allows you to save money on power and prevent your clothes from falling apart.
  • Never throw away anything! Donate your old clothes to charity or cut them up and use them as rags.

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– Team MOBO