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How to Wear Baseball Caps

When it comes to hat choices, there are numerous options and styles that you can pick from. Everyone has different tastes when it comes to hat styles. Each cap may also serve a different purpose. Whether it be for work, casual or athleisure wear. Don’t know which style fits you the best? No worries! We’ve highlighted four different styles in our latest blog on How to Wear Baseball Caps.


Snapback Cap

Out of all the caps on this list, the snapback cap is very flexible and the most popular. Snapback caps are used for any occasion and worn for their classic design. It usually comes in a plastic adjustable closure so you can modify the fit to whatever’s comfortable to you. Snapbacks are a good accessory to compliment your daily outfits. Snapbacks are a great choice if you feel like stepping out while still looking stylish. With the right colour choice, snapbacks can also make a logo stand out as you have so much room to work with.

Snapback styles
How to wear a snapback cap
Fitted Cap

Unlike any other caps, the fitted cap comes in different sizes. It is a brimmed cap and doesn’t have any closure at all. We suggest stopping by our showroom to try them on before purchasing to know what size fits most comfortably. You’ve probably seen people wear fitted caps with their favourite sports team logo prominently make the design stand out. Why not do the same with your logo? Don’t pick a fitted cap just because of the colour, make sure that the fit is perfect and lastly, take off the stickers.

fitted cap
How to Wear a Baseball Cap
Trucker Mesh

The Trucker Mesh caps are generally taller than any other caps. Typically, baseball caps are made of cotton but the sides of the trucker mesh are made out of plastic mesh while the front is made of stiff foam. Its unique design with the mesh allows for breathability and a cooler fit. If you find yourself working outside in the warmer weather, the trucker mesh is the perfect cap for you while showing off your logo.

Women's Trucker mesh

Women's Trucker mesh
The “Dad Hat”

Dad hats are less structured than any type of hats in this list. It was the original fashion cap 44 years ago when all that existed prior were trucker caps, thus the name being associated with the original demographic that wore them, who are now Dads or even Grandads. They are not just for the older generation as they are still wildly popular due to the comfort they offer.  They usually come with a metal or leather back strap closure and are made of unique materials such as cotton, polyester or even denim. There are no right or wrong choices when it comes to dad caps as they are very suitable for both men and women. They are mostly used for fashion statements.

Dad hats
How to Pull of the Dad Hat


If you’re looking for a cap that fits your style, call us or come visit our showroom and we’ll provide you with recommendations that fit your style and budget!

-Team MOBO