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How to Use NFC Technology in Promotional Goods

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Are you searching for information on How to Use NFC Technology in Promotional Goods?  Or, perhaps you have seen our demo video on social media channels and want more info?  We are here to help guide you, as always.

MOBO Promotional Solutions is proud to launch MOBOpro+ this week…our new division using NFC Technology.  As such, educating our clients on the power that is inherent with this new technology of using NFC in promotional goods is our pleasure!  Let’s start with the basics, shall we?

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What is NFC?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication.  Your SMART phone is capable of reading NFC communications and the most common usage is Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay.  Android phones with Android 4.4 or later are equipped with the reader and every iPhone since 6.0 is also capable of communicating with NFC technology.  NFC has long been the favored smart wallet tool given that the phone must be within four inches to read it, thus providing greater security for banking transactions in stores.  To read more about NFC check out this great article by DigitalTrends.

NFC & the Promotional Goods Industry

New in 2019 was the adaption of NFC Technology into Promotional Goods. What if Promotional Goods Could Talk?  What if you could extend the life of a pen or journal or T-Shirt beyond the initial action of giving it?  What if you could plan a campaign or repeated messaging with the owner of that promotional good over a two year period?  Well, we have done it with the launch of MOBOpro+ this week!  Drop the mic.

MOBO is the first distributor in Western Canada and one of only four in Canada to embrace this new technology with our “extended play” messaging options!  We have a small handful of north american suppliers who have introduced NFC, but with only one core message included.  The NFC Chips we will be inserting into both hard and soft goods allow for up to 12 messages over a 2 year period!  Note that your messaging content does not need to be known in advance. It can be added at any time over the 2 years.

If the promotional good that you choose for your campaign is a hard good (pens, journals, bags, etc), then we insert the NFC Chip behind a domed decal, just like the samples you see below on the journal and pen.

NFC Chips Embedded into Promotional Goods

If your campaign revolves around a soft good, i.e. a Hat, T-Shirt, Polo or Jacket, then we embed a machine-washable button NFC Chip into a woven label which then gets sewn into the piece of apparel at the hem or seam.

Here is a video demo of how you would use your Smart phone to read the promotional goods.

NFC Demo Video

How to Use NFC Technology in Promotional Goods

So, now that you understand the mechanics of it, how could you use this in your marketing?  Perhaps you need to remind clients to service a new product or maybe you need to educate them with product knowledge?  Maybe you want to use it to onboard new employees or keep them updated on safety protocols?  Maybe you want to run a contest at every home game with fans that have an NFC enabled jersey?  Perhaps you can see using it as a way to keep your donors updated with key accomplishments spurring on future donations?  One of the neatest ideas so far has been to include a new song in every T-Shirt that this country artist sells to his fans. The applications and ideas are endless!


Now, for the best part…the price!

Sample NFC Pen

As an example, if you were to buy 500 of these pens, you would pay the un-decorated cost for the pen at $1.54ea plus add just $6.75/pen to insert a chip under a domed decal with 12 customized messages, delivered over a two year span. Total cost of pen is $8.29ea which is just .69¢/message! No set up fee. Taxes & freight extra. WOW!


We have created three easy service plan options for you to choose from with MOBOpro+…the Impress (1 single message), the Engage (2-6 messages) and the Sustain (7-12 messages).  Once you decide your chips are formatted to your account here at MOBO.  When you have the content ready (Survey, Video, Ad, Form, etc), you just send to us for uploading to your chips.  We hit a button and VOILA!  The people who are holding those chips in promotional goods from you with your brand on them, will have a new experience next time they tap their phone to the item.  You can alert them that there is a new offer or update via standard email or pre-condition them to check back each week, each month…however YOU want to set up the campaign, we can make it work for you.

If you would like more information on this exciting new service please don’t hesitate to call us!  We cannot wait to see all the ways you bring your next campaign to life! We hope you have enjoyed reading about how to use NFC Technology in promotional goods!

– Team MOBO