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How to plan a golf tournament during the pandemic

Golf balls

Exciting news is coming to golf enthusiasts in Saskatchewan as regulations regarding golf tournaments have changed! Here at MOBO Promotional Solutions, we can help guide you in delivering a perfect day on the links. Are you thinking of hosting a tournament this summer? Here are some tips to keep in mind sop you know how to plan a golf tournament during the pandemic…

  • When choosing golf apparel look first to your budget and determine what that is on a per-item basis.
  • Consider the time of year they usually play. Are they playing in normal summer golf weather here in Canada or do your clients typically golf in the winter months in the desert or tropical locations?
  • Next, make your selection based on finding the best technical attributes for items that fall within your budget
  • From that point, choose items based on colors and desired position to decorate
  • Be sure to order a wide variety of sizes if these are for general giving or if they are for specific individuals make sure to distribute the manufacturer’s sizing guide to those who will be wearing the item.
General Giving
  • Keep in mind that with the new regulations as of April 9th, 2021, shotgun tournaments are now permitted again in Saskatchewan. Despite this happening, award presentations and receptions MUST be held virtually.
  • The general rule of thumb for giving items pertaining to golf is to go with the best brand, quality, or features within your budget constraints. Rest assured there is something for every budget!
  • Buy in the off-season. For example, the best golf ball specials are in Q4 and Q1 each year.
  • Golf tournaments are such a great way to thank your clients or to raise funds for a cause, but they are a lot of work and need extensive pre-planning. Here at MOBO, we have staff that have planned many golf tournaments and are more than happy to help you with your planning.
  • Familiarize yourself with the golf course your tournament is being held at and make sure you sit down with the head professional and understand their operational standards for tournaments with guests to their course:
    • It is important to note that with the new restrictions, tee times for regular play have been reduced. Instead of ten-minute allotments courses can run tee times eight minutes apart.
    • Shotgun starts are now allowed with one group of four allowed on a tee box at a time.
    • What is exactly included in the golfer fee?
    • Do they allow outside food vendors on the holes or for breakfast or lunch?
    • Do they provide water bottles for every golfer?
    • Signage on the cart?
    • On-course signage rules/opportunities and who is responsible for placement and retrieval?
    • What contests do they recommend?
    • What holes are a Par 3 for Hole in One contests?
    • Can they obtain Hole-In-One insurance on your behalf?
    • Do they provide a tee gift?
    • Is there a pro-shop credit for each golfer included in the fee that you can use to select team gifts with?
  • Having all those questions will guide you in choosing which items you need to source through MOBO. Again, we are more than happy to work with you on how to plan a golf tournament during the pandemic.

It is never too early to start planning for the golf season and in fact, we already have some great specials on golf balls and other essential golf gear!