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How to Donate Old Swag

Do you ever wonder how to donate old swag?  Where to send it?  With whom should you donate old stock?

Quite often companies have storerooms or cupboards filled with old campaign swag and apparel.  Perhaps the companies branding has changed resulting in merchandise that you no longer want to showcase in the markets you serve.  How many XS and 3XL shirts do you have left on your shelf?  A common problem, rest assured!

The general belief is that, “Someday I will find someway to use this.”

Well, here is something you may want to consider when deciding how and where to dispose of the old goods:


At 26.2%, Saskatchewan has the third highest child poverty in Canada behind Nunavut and Manitoba.  One in four children in Saskatchewan are living in poverty.  To read more about a recent study by the University of Regina, please see this article from January 2020 by the Star Phoenix.

Those rates are before the impact of COVID-19 struck.  The rates will only be higher now.

Given that MOBO is unable to host our annual Client BBQ and Sample Sale this July, we have instead created a special event called, “Go Green, Get Green!”

Details of how to donate old swag with MOBO.

During the month of July we are asking our clients to gather up their old sway and then call us for a pick-up time during the last week of the month.  Team MOBO will come and collect your old, unwanted goods.

In August, we will sort through all the goods received and then donate anything that is appropriate to schools, i.e. backpacks, pens, stationery items, drink bottles, etc.  If you prefer that the goods not be used locally you can also opt to have your items sent to Nicaragua. We traditionally send old samples.  Our contact there makes sure they are distributed to the poor in the villages they serve.  We will ship your goods with ours at no extra cost to you!

For all those companies that participate in our “Go Green, Get Green” drive, you will receive 10% off your next order and a Seed Paper Grow Kit for Wildflowers.

Bonus gift if you donate old swag with MOBO in July.

So, take some time over the couple of weeks and gather up all your old swag and apparel and then call us at 306.249.4318. We will confirm a pick-up time slot during the week of July 27-31st.  Stop wondering How To Donate Old Swag!

We thank you for your kind consideration and look forward to your support!

  • Team MOBO