How To Choose Which Golf Ball To Give

The end of January always seems early to be thinking about golf, but truth be told this is the best time to figure out how to choose which golf ball to give to your clients or tournament players this season.

This week we are featuring Taylormade’s 2019 Corporate Logo Ball Booking Program as our Special of the Week.  It actually runs for two weeks, with orders being accepted until the 15th of February.

Taylormade offers you, the corporate customer, a chance to buy in bulk before the season starts. If you book with this program, they also reward you with free golf balls depending on how many dozen you order.  You can earn up 20% free!

There are six different golf balls to choose from; New TP5x, New TP5, Project (a), Project (s), New RBZ and the Noodle Long & Soft, which is a 15 pack. Prices range from $24.62/dozen to $72.31/dozen. Each type of ball has different features that can impact one’s game.  So, how to choose which ball to give out with your company logo on it and be proud in doing so season?

Is the Taylormade New TP5x the Best Golf Ball to Give?
Taylormade New TP5x


The rule is to not think about your own golf game, but rather to think of the average user you will be giving the balls to.  Are they beginners or seasoned golfers looking to improve a certain aspect of their game?

Definitely save the money and buy the lower priced balls if your audience are new to the game, or perhaps golfers you don’t know (i.e. you have been asked to be the ball sponsor of a tournament).  The Noodle Long & Soft is a great option for tournament use as you get an extra sleeve of balls for the $24.62.

If however, you are buying corporate logo balls for your sales staff to present to clients at the course all season long, you would be best to look at either the New TP5x or the new TP5. The TP5x is the ball the professional golfers turn to.  It will definitely impress your recipients.  These balls are made with five layers of material that increase performance.

The unsung heroes though are the Project (a) and the Project (s).  These balls are made with three layers for enhanced play. Priced at the mid-range, they will still impress but not put such a dent into your promotional products budget.  If you want to learn more about the features of the Project (a), watch this great review on YouTube by Rick Shiels Golf.

We hope that helps bring some clarification on how to choose which golf ball to give this season.

If you are planning a tournament this year, check out our blog from January 24, 2018 with some great tips.

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