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How to Choose a Face Mask

So many of our customers are struggling with how to choose a face mask for their staff.  As distributors, here at MOBO we too have seen a plethora of options being offered up. To help guide you on how to choose face masks, there are some key considerations to keep in mind.

First and foremost, you are wanting to keep your most valuable assets, your employees, safe.  You also want to keep your customers safe when they walk through your doors, perhaps for the first time in weeks. How often throughout the day are your staff going to be in contact with the public or one another?

Secondly, are you looking for a disposable mask or one that staff can wear all day long?  This will help determine your choice based on cost and comfort.

Thirdly, is a face mask enough or do you need to provide face shields too?

The first option are paper masks which are usually 3-Ply, disposable, moisture proof and environmentally friendly.  Suggested usage would be Events, Conferences, Work and Highly Populated Areas.  Price point for 500 – 2499 pieces is $1.20ea.  2500 pcs @ $1.11ea.

3-Ply Disposable Face Mask

Moving up slightly in price and comfort is a cotton/poly, raw-edge mask.  Washing is not recommended for these, so still a disposable option. These are more breathable and have 2 earhole slots on each side for customized fit. These definitely are not medical grade and do not meet N95 mask standards.  A good use for these might be on a construction site.  Minimum order is 240 masks at $1.45ea.

Cotton/Poly Raw Edge Disposable Face Mask


Now we move into the KN95 masks.  They offer a seamless fit against fogging (so important for anyone wearing glasses, be it safety or prescription. These offer a five-layer filtration system to isolate pollution. Cost for 100 masks is $6.85ea, 500 masks is $6.19ea and 1000 – 4999 masks are $3.75ea. Click on the photo to view a quick video to see how they are made!

KN 95 Mask

Last, but certainly not least is our favorite mask option.  It is made in Canada, 100% cotton, washable and can be branded with your logo in a one color Black digital imprint.  They are breathable, stretchy and have a cooling effect. They are OEKO-Tex 100 Certified.  100 PowerDry masks with custom branding are $14.00ea, 250 masks are $13.00ea and 500+ masks are $12.00ea. We are wearing these masks here at [MOBO]. Delivery is immediate. Imprint of logo can be done only in Black.

If you are needing to add a face shield to your supply, then here are two we like.  The first can be branded with your logo.  Cost for 250 shields is $4.95ea and can be as low as $4.05ea for 5000 units. Stock is anticipated between today and June 5, 2020.

Custom Logo Face Shield



Please note that all prices quoted are subject to taxes & freight. For all of our Health & Wellness goods, including paper soap, hand sanitizers, sterilizers, etc, please visit our Hot Deals page.

We hope this might help answer some frequent questions we have been fielding on how to choose a face mask.  Please give us a call if we can assist you in any way.

  • Team MOBO