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How to Bounce Back Post COVID-19

So, now what?  How do you bounce back post COVID-19?  We attended an excellent webinar yesterday and wanted to share the presenter’s thoughts with you.  Lisa Ratanprasad is a Public Relations Manager in Toronto with one of our key vendors.  As she explained, there are four top areas you should be thinking about now, regardless of where you are at in your planning or execution of bouncing back from “The Great Pause.”  They are:

Client Communication

  • Announcing new hours of operation
  • Providing instructions and signage to facilitate social distancing
  • Communicating to clients how you are following healthy hygiene guidelines to reassure them. People are nervous.
  • Creating incentives to welcome clients back and communicating those to them. Perhaps a direct mail piece is in order?


  • Instructing employees about proper health and safety precautions
  • Providing written literature to clients with important health & safety information or company changes to your policies

Employee Protection

  • Providing personal protective equipment to essential front-line workers
  • Instructing clients to keep and maintain a safe distance from employees

Product Labeling

  • Providing product health & safety information including ingredients, handling procedures, etc.
  • Indicating that your business takes health & safety precautions when handling products
  • Showing off safety certifications on products that you may carry

If this seems daunting, the team at MOBO can help you with all of these key components as you prepare to bounce back post COVID-19.  As an example, here is how we can assist a few different industries with these core messages using effective products from our line:

Retail or Food & Beverage Establishments

Welcome Floor Decal


  • Floor graphics for welcomes or social distancing signage for lineups
  • Plexi-glass barriers
  • Health & hygiene decals with instructions for proper hygiene practices  Hygiene decal examples
  • Signage for curbside pickup details and hours of operation  (lawn signs, sandwich boards, sail flags, etc)


Curbside Pick-up Sign

  • Apparel for employees with social distancing messages (“If you can read this, you are too close!” or “Cough into your elbow.”)

Photo of social distancing apparel

Health Services

Protective Face Shield

  • Protective Masks, Shields and Gloves
  • Waiting room posters
  • Pamphlets for patients to carry home


Printed Roll Label Example

  • Roll labels with safety certifications or “Made In Canada” messaging
  • Floor graphics to keep workflow organized and safe

Example of Floor Decal for Social Distancing

  • Window graphics with pick-up hours, i.e. “Call this number upon arrival to be met with your order.”


Banner photo

  • Banners and signage for outdoor events
  • Direct mail pieces to solicit donations
  • Donation boxes
  • Apparel for staff and volunteers


These are just a small sampling of the ways we can assist you in planning your Bounce Back from COVID-19 with core messaging.  Please check out our Health & Wellbeing section of our Hot Deals page for specials on Personal Protection Equipment and other hygiene products.  Call us to discuss your needs right now.  We are here to help. Stay well!

-Team MOBO