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Health & Wellness Programs

Tonight is the last big day of partying before you make New Year’s resolutions. Just like you, your team members are making them too. How do you, as a business owner, encourage and support them in their quest for healthy living?

Introducing a formal Health & Wellness program is one way. To launch that program you may want to consider promotional goods to inspire and reinforce the company’s commitment.

For example, you may want to pair a discount to a nearby gym with a company branded duffel bag or water bottle.  Custom T-Shirts work well too.  The possibilities are endless and we can source something that fits any sport or recreational activity you want to endorse or encourage with them.  One company even bought a collection of yoga mats for their own office space and invited a yoga instructor to come in over the lunch hour three times a week.

The reasons for doing so super cede your goodwill.  A greater sense of team spirit and increased productivity are also realized with a formal H&W program being introduced.

Talk to a mobo team member and we can help design the perfect campaign to reinforce your commitment to healthy living.  Give us a call at 306.249.4318.

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