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Environmentally friendly essential products for 2021

In the first week of October of 2020, the Government of Canada decided to announce that single-use plastic products will be banned in 2021Single-use plastics are goods that are meant to be disposed of after using them. These include plastic straws, cutlery, checkout bags, stir sticks, six-pack rings for cans and other food ware made from plastics. With the “Going Green” trend, a number of people have been relying on products that are reusable to mitigate the spread of waste. In order to prepare for this ban, we’ve come up with some environmentally friendly essential products for 2021. Are you ready to kick-off the new year by making a difference to help our environment?

Reusable Straws

From sodas to iced coffee or just simply water, reusable straws definitely come in handy! If your employees or clients find themselves ordering cold beverages frequently, then this is the perfect gift for them. Reusable straws come in different materials such as aluminum, silicone or bamboo. Reusable straws also come in different lengths but the best part about reusable straws is the fact that they are washable. Most of the reusable straws come in a kit with a brush and case. Like this kit that we highlighted as our Feature Product for the week!


As Covid-19 continues to spread, take-out orders have never been busier. Not asking for plastic cutlery makes a difference to our environment. If you, your clients or employees happen to be foodies and like going out to restaurants, then this is the perfect item! When looking for reusable cutlery or utensils be sure to look for a set with a carrying case for convenience and so that you don’t misplace them.

Tote Bag

Do you go grocery shopping each month and are tired of all the plastic bags you bring home? If your answer is yes, then tote bags are your solution! A tote bag is durable and can carry a heavy load of weight.  Some even can hold the same amount as 6 regular plastic bags can! Tote bags are also a great way to promote your brand. Bags give the highest amount of impression counts over any other type of promotional product.


Bamboo Notebook

Ditch the plastic-covered notebooks and make way for environmentally-friendly notebooks! Eco-friendly notebooks come in many types from reusable to refillable such as this bamboo-covered notebook that offers an aesthetic and sleek look. Investing in eco-friendly/refillable notebooks can definitely save you money as you only have to buy the paper refills. Here is a bamboo-covered notebook that also includes a bamboo pen.

Recycled Writing Utensils

Writing utensils are one of the most essential office items around. But did you know that writing utensils, specifically pens, are difficult to recycle due to their size and because they are made of hard-to-separate materials? At this point, you might be asking “What are my alternatives?” Well, investing in quality writing utensils such as metal pens that last longer will mitigate plastic waste. If you don’t want to break the bank with metal pens then Recyclable or recycled pens are also available to fit your budget.



Here at MOBO, we’ve got you covered with a number of eco-friendly products. Call us and we’ll help you prepare for the upcoming plastic ban!

– Team MOBO