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Embroidery Trends Fall 2020

We are happy to share with you these upcoming Embroidery Trends for Fall 2020.  Having our own Embroidery Studio onsite means that we receive the latest information from the world’s finest thread manufacturers.  Gunold is such a supplier for us.

In their latest report for Fall 20 and Winter 2021, they stress the trend of combining thread types, i.e a matte finish with a high-gloss to showcase variations in the design.

One of the ways we can accomplish this is by using their new Sparkling Polyester Thread intermittently with a flat or matte finish thread.  This provides extra depth and texture to the design.

NEW Sparkling Polyester Thread

Embroidery Trends Fall 2020

Embroidery Trends Fall 2020

Embroidery Trends Fall 2020

Last year the hot new trend was black thread on a black garment.  Matte on matte, so to speak.  Very subtle. The year before that Puff Embroidery was the rage.

With the introduction of these new accent threads we can tell that some differentiation is now needed.  If Sparkling spread is not for you, no worries – we have lots of options on different thread types that can achieve that.  We even have Fire Retardant thread if that is your need.

Showcasing part of MOBO's Embroidery Studio's Thread Wall
Half of the Thread Wall in MOBO’s Embroidery Studio


Embracing this Embroidery Trend for Fall 2020 is just one way we can bring new life to your standard logo and make it stand out in a unique, attention-grabbing way!

Be sure to call us to set up your appointment so we can review alternative ways to embroider your design. We are Master Embroiderers.  We think these pieces are good representation of what we can achieve here:

Embroidered Headdress
Just under 107,000 stitches!


Embroidered Tractor
Just over 10,000 stitches

We look forward to working with you to create an incredible embroidery program!

  • Team MOBO