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Embroidered Toques

Embroidered Toques. One could almost say there are almost as many decorating styles for toques as there are styles of toques themselves, but by far, the most popular is to have logos embroidered on them. Given that toques are outdoor apparel and that they take a beating over the winter months, you want a decorating technique that is durable. Other than knitting your logo right into the toque (which we can also do), embroidery is the best option.

Here at MOBO we have our own in-house custom embroidery studio. We have an amazing array of yarn color in stock and can virtually match any Pantone required. We can even do “puff” embroidery where a specific portion or the entire logo can be stuffed before being embroidered over, giving it a unique 3D look.

MOBO Thread Wall

The first step though is to choose a toque. We work with several toque suppliers who always have a wide variety of styles and materials to choose from.  To design your own embroidered toques, check out all the options at one of our top vendors here.

Be sure to pop into our showroom to view the latest samples to ensure that your company toques are on trend!

– Team MOBO