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Custom T-Shirts

There is nothing quite as comfortable as your favorite T-Shirt is there? They are still one of the most popular items for branded apparel. However, the standard T has morphed into so much variety now though, whether it is in the fiber content, length of sleeve or body, the choices are truly endless.
Now companies can choose from the classic Crew Neck, a V-Neck, Long sleeved, ¾ Sleeved, Tanks, Racerbacks and Crop tops. Then there is the fiber content to decide…100% cotton, 50/50 Poly-Cotton or Tri-Blends? Ring spun cotton or combed? Not to mention the colors! Right now, anything that is “Heathered” in color is the most popular. You want to choose one that your recipients want to wear as that is the whole point of giving them a T-shirt, right?

Feeling overwhelmed? We know how you feel. That is why we have such an extensive array of samples onsite in our showroom. You just know when you touch a T-shirt if it is has the right “hand” for you. You may also need some expert advice when it comes to choosing the best method of decorating your T-shirts too. There are so many options, but embroidery is one of the most durable methods of decorating a T-Shirt. We are extremely proud of our onsite Embroidery Studio! Remember Team MOBO when you need some custom T-shirts in Saskatoon and beyond!