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Custom T-Shirts Top 2019 Trends

Each year we look to see what the market is identifying as Custom T-Shirts Top Trends and then we use that information to help you stay on point with your graphic designs this year.  We are happy to provide you with some examples of how you can incorporate these trends into your branded apparel:

  • Repeat Text

By far, one of the most popular trends we are seeing.  Making this work for you can be as easy as just repeating your company name or tag line.

Custom T-Shirt Trend Repeat Text

  • Side-Aligned

Right?  Left?  Up to you, but regardless, this is a fun way to make text come to life!

Custom T-Shirt Trend Side Aligned Text


  • Abstract Drawings

Simple, but effective and charming if you have a whimsical brand.

Custom T-Shirt Trend Abstract Drawings


  • Pocket Prints

A really different idea on how to highlight your brand.  When there is no pocket, make one and let it frame your logo or company name.

Custom T-Shirt Trend Pocket Print

  • Sketchbook Drawings

Make your hand drawn illustrations come to life! No better way to showcase your vision than sharing you early concepts.

Custom T-Shirt Top Trend Sketchbook Drawings


  • Retro

Like all things, retro fonts are back in style!  A fun way to bring text to life and make things more fluid.

Custom T-Shirt Top Trend Retro Font


  • Florals

Again, a big trend we see in retail.  How can you incorporate it with your logo and still stay on point?

Custom T-Shirt Top Trend Floral Design


  • Bright, happy graphics

Custom T-Shirt Top Trend Bright Graphics

Finally, a small shift away from all shades of grey!  Bright, happy colors are seeing a resurgence and are sure to bring a smile to one’s face when they think of your brand.

We hope some of these might inspire you to try one of these new trends with your corporate branding.  The time has never been better now that our new Digital Print Studio is up and running.  Full color printing direct to garment (DTG).

Call us to see how we can help incorporate one of these top trends into your branded apparel.

  • Team mobo