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Custom T-Shirts – Sleeve Types

When it comes to Custom T-Shirts there are so many decisions to make but the very first one is what sleeve length are you wanting?  Just like people have a preference of neckline, there are many with that prefer a specific length in the sleeve.  It can also come down to the environment in which they will most often be wearing the shirt;  leisure, work or special event?  Weather can of course play into that too.

The first sleeve length is no sleeve length really.  The Sleeveless, Tank or Muscle shirt is always a popular choice for summer or specialized sporting events.  It also has a very relaxed feel to it obviously so it is trending right now as a must have in slouchy looks.

Custom T-Shirts Sleevless

The most commonly chosen for Custom T-Shirts is the Short Sleeve, or Regular Sleeve.  They normally extend to the elbow or just above the elbow.

Custom T-Shirt Short Sleeves
Short Sleeve


An alternative for women to the short sleeve shirt is the Cap Sleeve.  It does not extend all the way to the elbow making it a great for athletic endeavors.

Custom T-Shirt Cap Sleeves
Cap Sleeve


Conversely though, there are some women who think, “the longer the sleeve, the better!”  Thus the Dolman sleeve came to be popular.  Also now known as a Slouch sleeve.  It covers the arm, but is not tight giving it a lose-flowing look.

Custom T-Shirt Dolman Sleeve
Dolman or Slouch Sleeve


Then we have the 3/4 Sleeve which is popular for both Men and Women. You see this most often in baseball shirts.

Custom T-Shirts 3/4 Sleeve
3/4 Sleeve


Finally, we have the Long Sleeve T-Shirt which is super popular in the winter months or for those that work outside.  Women’s versions usually do not have a fitted cuff on the arm like the Men’s do. There can even be a flare to the cuff or now, the ever popular thumb-hole addition.

Custom T-Shirts Long Sleeve
Long Sleeved


Considering the desired sleeve length is the very first step when choosing which style is best for your Custom T-Shirt order.  We can help you out by recommending a wide variety of brands that fit your budget too.

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