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COVID-19 Key Message Marketing

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Are promotional good companies an essential service during a global crisis? Given current COVID-19 key message marketing needs, some of our customers would say, “Yes!”

Why is that?  Well, over and above the fact that all businesses should be developing their marketing strategies at this time for when the market turns, if you are a business that has to do some COVID-19 key message marketing there are a myriad of ways we can help.

Signage is of paramount importance right now.  Grocery stores and banks are installing social distancing floor decals to help keep customers and staff safe.  Laminated, anti-skid vinyl floor stickers that are up to 75 square inches in size can be as low as $3.99ea.  For a minimum quantity of 50, $9.99ea.  Pop up display banners can be an effective way to impart eye-catching messages.  Our standard 13oz matte vinyl pop up display banner with carrying kit is just $165.00.  We carry all widths and even table-top versions.

COVID-19 Key message marketing for Social distancing
Floor signage and banner.


Instructional signage for proper hand washing, such as posters and mirror decals are essential tools right now too.  Today we shared a guide with suggested items on how to share COVID-19 key messaging about hand washing with kids, such as coloring books, tattoos, stickers, etc.

COVID-19 Key message marketing for kids
Hand Washing Idea Guide

We have also been working with some companies looking for N95 masks for their staff.  We have suppliers that carry them.  MOBO has also been in touch with the Provincial Gov’t and local hospitals to let them know we can access them, what inventory levels are and that we are happy to donate some if they need them.

COVID-19 Key message marketing with personal safety items
N95 Mask

Then, there are those clients who are concerned about their staff who have had to move to home offices.  How do they keep in touch, show they care, will be there for them throughout this crisis?  One way is to send a comfy full-zip hoodie to each of them at their homes along with a humorous coffee tumbler.

So, those are just some of the ways MOBO is helping our customers with their immediate needs.  We are also having discussions with other clients about how to stay “top of mind” with their customers.  Can you convey a “Thinking of You” message with a custom mailing card or postcard?  We just did this for ourselves too by dropping a custom postcard to 725 businesses with Canada Post.  Here is info on their ad mail services.

This crisis is unlike any other recession.  What is alike though is the uncertainty of not knowing when/if the market will rebound.  History does bear witness though that companies who view marketing as an investment and not an expense during recessions come out ahead.

Whatever your COVID-19 key message marketing needs are, we are here to help!  Give us a call to discuss how we can assist you with your marketing goals at this time.

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