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Canadian Behaviours with Promotional Products


Advertising Giants: Promotional Products

Advertisements come in many forms; T.V. commercials, radio advertisements, or newspaper ads are just a few examples. Despite many forms of advertisements, one type stands out from others – promotional products. In this week’s blog, we are going to look at Canadian behaviours with promotional products based on the 2020 Ads Impression study by the Advertising Specialty Institute.

Many businesses choose promotional products over other forms of advertisements for a lot of reasons. Promotional products are flexible and utilized in a number of ways. Promotional products create brand awareness through contests, networking events, and giveaways for appreciation. Compared to other forms of advertising, promotional products are cost-effective and provide the biggest bang for your buck. As mentioned in our previous blogs, a pen or a shirt may be more efficient compared to an expensive television commercial. If you think about it, the lifetime of a promotional product is more lengthy than a 30-second media advertisement. A typical promotional product is kept for months with your logo which makes it memorable for consumers.



Canadian Behaviours with Promotional Products

In Canada, only 25% of consumers have bought promotional products in 2020. This leaves big room for the opportunity to invest in promotional products to expand your brand. The likelihood of a consumer doing business with you is high when you give them a promo product. 85% of recipients remember the advertiser when given a promotional product. Promotional items are also given out and gifted to others. Although a consumer might not want your branded item, there’s a high chance that they give it out to somebody else that can make use of it. This means that your brand is getting exposure everywhere if it is passed on. With promotional products you can maximize your CPI (Cost Per Impression) and reach your brand’s full potential!


Based on Canadian demographics, the biggest percentage of consumers who have purchased at least one promotional product are people within the age range of 34 – 54 at 30%. As you can probably assume, this age group is most likely a business owner or somebody who has power in a company such as a manager. The age group of 18 – 34 comes next at 25% and people who are the age of 55+ come last at 18%. Buyers who are 55+ tend to prefer traditional advertising forms, such as print or radio when it comes to advertising.



If you’re looking to build your brand through promotional products, give us a call!  We are happy to help you find the perfect item that fits your budget. – Team MOBO