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It is Business as Usual & Tips on How to Market in a Recession


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Business As Usual

COVID-19 Update

Well, today is one for the memory book’s isn’t it? I am sure we will all look back at this day in later years and remember where we were. What we were doing when we closed our borders to foreigners and closed our schools.
Since we first heard about COVID-19 in China, the team at MOBO has been meeting. We reviewed our internal processes and resources to ensure that our hygiene practices. We continued to meet the most stringent guidelines set forth by the government. We analyzed our workflow and determined essential roles/duties. We set up any infrastructure that was missing to allowing us to work remotely, when the time comes. We have not yet had to take those steps.

While we prefer to do our own decorating, should circumstances require, we can have items decorated at our vendor sties and shipped directly to you. Our top vendors provide us with daily updates on goods arriving and any delays given their country of origin. In essence, it is “Business as Usual” here at MOBOWe will continue to watch the situation and follow recommended guidelines. Our top priority is to ensure our staff’s and the general community’s safety.

Recession Marketing Tips

The most important thing to remember when marketing in a recession is to do just that…continue to market. Focus on your existing clients. Be the go-to person they need as a resource on how to best navigate these challenging times. Be positioned for the ultimate success when the economy rebounds. That means staying top of mind with your customers.

According to Blue Corona Measurable Marketing Strategies (bet they re-brand themselves after this, LOL!), “…consumers prioritize consumption by sorting products and services in to four categories:

  • Essentials are necessary for survival or perceived as central to well-being.
  • Treats are indulgences whose immediate purchase is considered justifiable.
  • Postponeables are needed or desired items whose purchase can be reasonably put off.
  • Expendables are perceived as unnecessary or unjustifiable.

Where does your business fall in your customer’s mind? Are you an essential service?  Do you sell an essential product?  Will your customers stay loyal through the recession? Will they be ready to support you when the market turns?

Blue Corona also states that, “The trick to successful advertising during a recession lies in consumer psychology and emotion. A recession is a trying time to most consumers. There is an undercurrent of fear, worry and stress beneath the surface.  Research shows that ad campaigns that focus on emotional engagement tend to be more profitable than ad campaigns that focus on rational messages (such as low prices or special offers), even when times are tough.”

See the full article here:

We welcome the opportunity to discus your options. Create a campaign with promotional products that will engage your clients. Keep them thinking of you during these challenging times.

How Promotional Goods Can Help

Your staff or clients working from home trying to balance child-care with their jobs? Give them a branded pair of wireless earbuds for their phone. Give them greater mobility in the home and they will think of you?  Or is it a branded blanket with a movie streaming gift card to cozy up with their kids during self-isolation?  Branded toilet paper or condoms would bring some levity to your current conversations?  Pre book your hand-sanitizer next shipment due in 45 days.

Perhaps planning now so that you have printed marketing materials on-hand ready to drop is the strategy you are embracing. We can help with our full line-up of printing services too. Did you order items for a trade show that has been cancelled? We can help you design a printed piece of collateral to mail out with the items so that your message still reaches your audience.

Whichever demographic your client or staff member belongs to we can find a product that will resonate with them while reflecting your individual brand characteristics.

We are here for you in these challenging times and we want to continue to be a resource for you. Reach out to us via our normal e-mail and phone numbers. It is business as usual here at MOBO. Wherever we are working from, we will be there for you! Stay well!

– Team MOBO