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Can I Order Less than the Minimum Quantity?

Can I Order Less than the Minimum Quantity?

There are many misconceptions about our industry and minimum order amounts. As such, we thought we would clarify them for you today.

In so far as apparel is concerned, there is not usually any minimum amount you need to order.  There are exceptions of course.  However, there are implications when it comes to the decorating methods, which do have a minimum quantity required when silk screening.  We encourage customers to order at least 12 units of clothing so that the cost of the decoration is spread over that many garments.  This keeps the finished cost per garment down.

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When it comes to everything but Headwear & Wearables, our vendors always have established minimum order quantities.  However, sometimes we are able to arrange with our preferred suppliers orders that are only 50% of that minimum, with a surcharge to do so.

The important thing to remember is to always reach out to one of us here at mobo to discuss what your budget is.  Our team members can then do some research and give you options that fit. Give us a call at 306.249.4318.

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