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Apparel Decorating Options: A Handy Reference Guide

There are many options to choose from when it comes to decorating soft goods, such apparel and bags. These options include embroidery, screen-printing, laser etching and more. However, a product’s material, size and the desired location for the decoration often dictate the decorating technique.

If there’s a product you’re looking to customize, the experienced Marketing Consultants at MOBO will work with you to choose the best decorating method, to ensure you end up with a product you are proud to present or use. You can also find great ideas for Promotional Products and Branded Apparel on our website, or simply give us a call and we would be happy to guide you with some great options.

Below are descriptions of the different decorating options MOBO currently offers. As mentioned, it is important to note that not all decorating options will be suitable for every garment.

Embroidery: we have our own in-house Custom Embroidery Studio at MOBO. We have invested heavily in state-of-the-art embroidery machines and many specialty hoops that allow us to decorate everything from sleeves to luggage. In addition, we have a vast array of thread colour ensuring we can match just about every Pantone colour. We are also pleased to offer the services of the Studio on an ad hoc basis. If you have something you need embroidered, or several pieces, give as a call. We would be happy to handle it for you!

Debossing/Embossing: this decorating method creates a unique 3D and subtle tone-on-tone look.

Metal Emblem: this techniques lends to a 2D or 3D effect. A variety of colours and finishes are available. It is mostly reserved for headwear decoration or corporate giftware.

Patches: Patches provide exceptional reproduction of detailed logos or images, and we can match virtually any colour. Patches are perfect for small complex decoration. Rubber, vintage and woven patches are available.

Digital Printing: this method allows for photographic quality in a four-colour process that reproduces virtually any colour.

Laser Etching: laser etching can be used to decorate in virtually any location, and it creates a unique tone-on-tone look. This option is perfect for technical fabrics, and there is no puncturing of the garment.

Screen Printing: this is the most common and basic form of apparel decoration. An economic choice for large, multi-colored decorations (e.g. personalized T-shirts with logos).

Sublimation: with sublimation, you can create personalized, unique designs based on graphic images. It is a four-colour process that is breathable and touch-less, and it covers 100% of the garment.

Transfer: this technique ensures that the utmost detail within your logo is captured.

The tables below provide is a great summary on the best decorating methods for customizing your apparel. It is important to note that new decorating options are always becoming available. This is part of our ongoing training with our preferred suppliers. Quite often the supplier will recommend the best decorating options based on the product. Again, we will also work with you to determine what that is. You will always be provided with an opportunity to review your artwork and approve it before production begins. For questions about apparel and other product decorating, please contact us today.

Promotional Decoration Options