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Things You Can Do To Save Earth in 2021

Making little changes in your habits may benefit both you and the environment! By doing things like conserving water or turning off unnecessary electronics that you aren’t using, you’re saving the environment. Not only that, but you may be able to save a couple of dollars from doing so! If you’re ready to make a

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Environmentally friendly essential products for 2021

In the first week of October of 2020, the Government of Canada decided to announce that single-use plastic products will be banned in 2021. Single-use plastics are goods that are meant to be disposed of after using them. These include plastic straws, cutlery, checkout bags, stir sticks, six-pack rings for cans and other food ware made

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How Yoga Pants Are Destroying The Planet

Yoga pants are one of the most popular workout gear among women. Top brands for women’s leggings can come with a price tag that can reach up to $100/pair. At that price one would hope most of these yoga pants are environmentally friendly. The reality is that most of them are made out of 100%

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