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2021 Beginner’s Guide to Fitness Planning

2021 is around the corner and it’s time to kick off the new year by improving yourself! It’s proven that the top new year’s resolutions are fitness related. Are you looking to lose weight or build muscle but don’t know where to start? How do you execute certain exercises correctly? What kind of foods should you eat? If you’re looking for the answers to these questions, then you’ve come to the right place! For this week’s blog, we are going to cover the 2021 Beginner’s guide to fitness planning.

Benefits of exercise

If you’re just starting out, let’s touch base on the benefits of physical activity. Being physically active can increase your quality of life. It improves your mood, decreases stress and increases your energy levels. It reduces the chances of acquiring chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Furthermore, exercise is good for your bones and muscles. As people grow older, their muscle function and mass decrease which can lead to injuries in the future. Exercising can also improve your sleep quality, brain health and memory. Being physically active promotes brain cell growth and improves blood flow to the brain which can help in protecting mental functions among older adults.

Benefits of Exercise
Building your foundation

Everyone’s body type varies from one individual to another. The very first question you should be asking yourself if you’re a beginner is “What is my goal?”. Your goal should dictate what you need to eat and what kind of exercises you should be doing. If you’re new and don’t know what exercises hit which muscles, websites such as Bodybuilding provides an excellent source of workouts that targets specific body parts.

If you’re looking to lose weight, you should incorporate cardio exercises such as walking/running or biking along with weight training. The best part is, you can do this without machines or equipment. Exercise videos or apps are available through your cellular device or television that you can do at home! If you happen to have a gym membership, there should be a dedicated space for cardio machines. Start by walking for about 15 minutes per day for three to four times a week. Once you get more comfortable, you can increase your speed or distance for improvement in your weight-loss progression.

If you have more of a skinny build, there’s only one way for you to gain weight. EAT. Eating more is beneficial for you so you can grow your muscles. Don’t get it twisted, gaining weight is just as hard as losing weight. Certain people can only stuff food in their stomachs for a limited amount. If you’re trying to gain weight, muscle training could be more beneficial for you than doing cardio. Doing exercises such as pushups, pullups, deadlifts or squats are the best workouts that promote muscle growth as they hit multiple muscles at once.

Lastly, it is very important to note that proper form is key to any physical activity. Proper form prevents injuries, improves muscle growth to target the right muscles. The better your form is, the better results you’ll acquire.


What you should/should not eat

Your diet is the most important thing in your 2021 Beginner’s Guide to Fitness Planning. If you’re new to fitness and trying to figure out how to be more healthy, start by counting out unnecessary sugar or fat that are bad for your diet. These could be items like sodas, candies, or chips. Instead, increase your protein intake to promote weight loss and muscle growth. Protein-rich foods include meats such as chicken or beef, fish and nuts. Your food should also be supported by lots of vegetables for proper nutrition and vitamins. Are you having trouble with what to make for your daily meals? There are a lot of helpful resources out there that offer tasty and healthy recipes like EatingWell. Lastly, make sure you stay hydrated and drink at least two to four gallons of water per day. Staying hydrated can suppress hunger, increase your metabolism and make exercise more efficient and easier.

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Disclaimer:  We are not nutritionists, physicians or personal trainers. This blog is supported by research and personal experience and may not be suited for you. Before starting a program or exercise, it may be best to consult with your doctor or a professional.