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How to Choose a Face Mask

So many of our customers are struggling with how to choose a face mask for their staff.  As distributors, here at MOBO we too have seen a plethora of options being offered up. To help guide you on how to choose face masks, there are some key considerations to keep in mind. First and foremost,

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Covid-19: update on MOBO’s operations

Covid-19: Update on MOBO’s Operations Faced with the Covid-19 epidemic, MOBO continues to take all steps to safeguard the health of its employees and the safety of its clients. As such we have developed a set of safety protocols that we ask you to honor. We are doing everything possible to ensure the safe continuation

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How to Bounce Back Post COVID-19

So, now what?  How do you bounce back post COVID-19?  We attended an excellent webinar yesterday and wanted to share the presenter’s thoughts with you.  Lisa Ratanprasad is a Public Relations Manager in Toronto with one of our key vendors.  As she explained, there are four top areas you should be thinking about now, regardless

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