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2019 Ad Impressions Study

The 2019 Ad Impressions Study by ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute), of which we are a proud member, has been released.

There were several key takeaways within the 2019 Ad Impressions Study, the first being that Buyers Homes Contain Many Branded Products.

Promotional Products

Data shows the average household in the U.S. owns 30 promotional items. Gen X-led households own an average of 34 items, followed by millennials (30) and baby boomers (28). “The ubiquity of promotional products in America is staggering,” says Nate Kucsma, executive director of research and corporate marketing at ASI. “Just think about it. If there are 120 million households in America, that means there are over three billion company logos floating around the U.S. at any given time.” No wonder the industry is growing and will soon surpass $24 billion in annual sales.

U.S. consumers own a wide variety of promo products, and some categories remain especially popular. For example, nearly nine in 10 consumers report owning logo’ed pens as well as branded Drinkware. “This stat puts these categories on par with cellphones and other American household mainstays,” says Kucsma.

Promotional Products

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